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Bleach + Movies 01 – 04 1080p Dual Audio

Ichigo Kurosaki is an ordinary high schooler—until his family is attacked by a Hollow, a corrupt spirit that seeks to devour human souls. It is then that he meets a Soul Reaper named Rukia Kuchiki, who gets injured while protecting Ichigo’s family from the assailant. To save his family, Ichigo accepts Rukia’s offer of taking her powers and becomes a Soul Reaper as a result.

However, as Rukia is unable to regain her powers, Ichigo is given the daunting task of hunting down the Hollows that plague their town. However, he is not alone in his fight, as he is later joined by his friends—classmates Orihime Inoue, Yasutora Sado, and Uryuu Ishida—who each have their own unique abilities. As Ichigo and his comrades get used to their new duties and support each other on and off the battlefield, the young Soul Reaper soon learns that the Hollows are not the only real threat to the human world.

[Written by MAL Rewrite]
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Yash Singh

Please upload rest of the seasons. Only 1-8 are there.

Yash Singh

Can you try these :-
Bleach Movies:- 1080p Dual Audio
Movie 1 – Memories of Nobody
Movie 2 – The DiamondDust Rebellion
Movie 3 – Fade To Black
Movie 4 – Hell Verse

Bleach OVA:- 1080p Eng Sub (May not be available in Dual Audio)
OVA1 – Bleach Memories in the Rain
OVA2 – Bleach The Sealed Sword Frenzy
OVA3 – Bleach Colorful Gotei Juusan Yatai Daisakusen

Aman Singh

Please upload the rest 8 seasons of bleach also. I’m counting on you I will be waiting for it I have already download the 1-8 seasons needed the rest 8 seasons hope you will upload soon

Aman Singh

Okk mate thank you❤️

Aman Singh

bro please upload the rest seasons we are waiting for around 1 months

Yash Singh

I know you are waiting but you need to check internet. Bleach is still being released in Blu-ray. Currently, the Blu-ray is available only till episode 167 i.e Season 8. Encoding in 1080p Blu-ray takes lot of time. It will be more than a year or two for all Bleach Blu-ray Box Sets to be available till Last episode. So, it’s no use asking AnimeDevil, if it’s not existing. I hope you understand. I am not offending you. I just thought you missed this info. Patience is the key if you want all of Bleach in 1080p. And AnimeDevil, don’t… Read more »

Last edited 3 months ago by Yash Singh
Yash Singh

Sorry for the misinformation. I thought it was till Season 8.

Aman Singh

Bro any update of further seasons of bleach
Completed 8 seasons loved your work just waiting for rest seasons😁

Aman Singh

Bro any update on naruto series please reply🧡i want to re watch and download it in 1080p from your site your website is best


Hey upload new seasons please

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