Do i encode anime?

No, i do not encode anime myself. All credits goes to the respected encoders. I am just a simple Uploader, who is trying to provide anime on Google Drive.

Having any trouble playing videos?

First of all, if you are trying to stream on Google Drive, that probably won’t work, you have to download videos.
If your video is not playing in your device, try using these players –
Windows – MPV
Android – MXPlayer

What does Dual Audio and HEVC means?

Dual Audio –
As it’s name suggests, Dual Audio generally means the video has 2 Audio mostly [English-Japanese] Eng Sub basically means Japanese audio with english subs.
HEVC x265 10bit-
If you watch anime, you might have come across some words like HEVC or x265. These are encoding terms.
Encoding basically means processing the video from sources like BluRay, DVD and WEBrip. It generally includes compressing, adding filters and adding multiple audio and subs if available.
High Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC) is a Compression Standard.
x265 is a library for encoding video into HEVC.
10bit – In short, bit depth is the level of precision that’s available for storing color information. The encodes used to have a precision of 8 bits (256 levels) per color channel. There are usually three color channels, so that makes a bit depth of 24 bits per pixel, which is also the most commonly used bit depth of modern desktop PCs. Now, you can use a higher bit depth for video encoding, currently allows up to 10 bits per channel (1024 levels and 30 bits per pixel), and of course that allows for much higher precision.

What's the difference between anime on our site and popular steaming sites like 9anime?

On Streaming sites, the anime is highly compressed to stream efficiently, but on our site you can download anime in the highest quality available on internet.

Can't access Google Drive links?

You have to join the Google Group to access Google Drive Links, instructions are given on every post below download links.

Still have questions?

If you still have questions, you can ask on our Discord, join link is given on our Homepage.

To get access for this anime Join Google Group with link below
Steps - 
Click the link given above.
Click on Join Group.
Now just Open the download links as usual.

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