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Naruto OVA


OVA 01 – Find the Crimson Four Leaf Red Clover [720p HEVC 10bit][Eng Sub]

OVA 02 – Mission Protect the Waterfall Village

[720p HEVC 10bit][Dual Audio][Eng Sub] and

[DVD 480p AVC 8bit][Dual Audio]

OVA 03 – Hidden Leaf Village Grand Sports Festival

[720p HEVC 10bit][Dual Audio][Eng Sub] and

[BD 1080p AVC 10bit][Dual Audio][Eng Sub]

OVA 04 – Clash! Jounin vs Genin! [720p HEVC 10bit][Eng Sub]

OVA 05 – Shippu! Konoha Gakuen Den [640×480 AVC 8bit][AAC][Hardsubbed Eng Sub] Note – This OVA is also known as ‘Hurricane Hidden Leaf High School Chronicles’

OVA 06 – The Cross Roads [360p AVC 10bit][VORBIS][HARDSUBBED Eng Sub]

OVA 07 – Naruto, the Genie, and the Three Wishes, Believe It

[720p HEVC 10bit][Eng Sub] and

[BD 1080p AVC 10bit][Dual Audio][Eng Sub]

OVA 08 – Naruto x UT (Uniqlo) [DVD 480p HEVC 10bit][AC3] Note – This OVA is also known as ‘Sage Naruto vs Sasuke’

OVA 09 – Chūnin Exam on Fire! Naruto vs. Konohamaru

[720p HEVC 10bit][Eng Sub] and

[BD 1080p AVC 10bit][Dual Audio][Eng Sub]

OVA 10 – Madara vs Hashirama
Note – Both [1080p AVC 8bit][AAC][Hardsubbed Eng Sub] as well as [720p HEVC 10bit][AAC][Eng Sub] encode present.

Other OVA’s —

OVA – Ninja Escapades [720p HEVC 10bit][Eng Sub]

OVA – Sunny Side Battle [720p HEVC 10bit][Eng Sub]

OVA – The Adventures of Naruto!…Oh, and Everyone Else Too! (Incomplete) [480p AVC 8bit][Eng Dub] Note – This OVA was released between Ep52 and Ep53 as a special 1 hour recap by ‘Viz’ so it’s dub. It’s so difficult to obtain that my only source was the YouTube video. It’s 10-12 years old, so it’s a ‘lost media’. Don’t complain that it’s incomplete, just live with it. That’s all humanity has to offer.

Naruto OVA Ultimate Ninja Storm Generations – Revolution
Note – All animated cutscenes from the Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm Generations and Revolution games.

Specials [360p AVC 8bit][AAC] —-

Special 01 – Gaara vs Sasuke
Special 02 – Itachi vs Kisame
Special 03 – Kakashi vs Minato

Source : Fandom

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